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Home Care Pulse - We Use Home Care's Top Feedback ProgramBacked by Briggs Healthcare’s more than 75 years of experience as a trusted partner to the healthcare industry, Briggs Home Care is the indisputable choice when looking for a premier level of compassionate and reliable care at home. Our deep industry expertise, coupled with knowledgeable, local leadership at each of our home care agencies, instills our clients and their families, as well as our professional partners, with confidence and peace of mind, knowing they are being exceptionally served by a trusted and experienced in-home care provider.

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Briggs Home Care services are highly personalized to meet each individual’s unique needs. Care professionals are skilled, experienced, and provided with opportunities for extensive training and career development through Nevvon, a renowned online healthcare education company. Following a complimentary in-home consultation, a customized care plan is developed which may include:

Discreet Technology for Enhanced Safety at Home

Home care services help older adults remain safe, independent, and comfortable at home. But what happens when a caregiver leaves at the end of their shift? Unless a loved one is receiving around the clock care at their home, there will be times when they are without immediate access to assistance. In order to provide an additional layer of support between caregiver visits, we partner with StackCare, a provider of in-home safety technology. 

What is SmartCare by StackCare and How Does It Work?

Unlike an in-home camera system or a wearable pendant, SmartCare is unobtrusive and does not interfere with a person’s privacy or lifestyle. SmartCare’s technology works through tiny, discreetly placed sensors that blend seamlessly into the home environment. These sensors send signals to a computer system that learns an individual’s typical behaviors, activities, and routines. If there are alterations in an individual’s patterns that could be a cause for concern, a real-time alert is generated that can go to loved ones or our agency. 

Discover the Advantages of SmartCare Today

If you are searching for a discreet and effective solution to help a loved one maintain their independence and safety at home, reach out to us for more information about SmartCare’s features and how it can enhance peace of mind.

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Partnering with a Briggs Home Care agency provides families with peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are receiving the benefit of local, individualized care backed by the vast industry knowledge of expert healthcare leaders.

For more information on the exceptional care provided by Briggs Home Care agencies, contact us toll-free at 833-960-CARE (2273).

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