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Running a home care agency is a labor of love fueled by a mission of care and compassion. When it’s time to take that mission to the next level, Briggs Home Care is the leader you need.

Becoming a Briggs Home Care agency allows you to gain the operational support and industry influence of Briggs Healthcare, a leading brand name. For over 75 years, Briggs has earned an outstanding reputation as an integral partner to the healthcare industry, and our industry knowledge and expertise is helping agencies across the country grow to their fullest potential.

Briggs Home Care is actively pursuing the acquisition of high quality home care agencies nationwide. We can provide you with the support and influence needed to empower your care staff, bolster your service offerings, communicate effectively to your audiences, and create happier, healthier clients while preserving the original essence of your agency.

Now, Briggs has broadened its scope to support the aging population through its newest division, Briggs Home Care. Launched in 2015, Briggs Home Care utilizes healthcare industry knowledge and local expertise to advance premium services and products to support the aging population and to provide exceptional in-home care for older adults.

We Care for the Business You Created

At Briggs Home Care, we share your philosophy of building solid local relationships, establishing a strong sense of trust with clients and professional partners, and providing the highest quality of care at all times. All Briggs Home Care agencies:

Attract Better Caregivers, Promote Better Client Outcomes

As part of the Briggs Home Care family, your agency will be empowered with:

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Success Stories

Existing Briggs Home Care agencies share certain commonalities that we’ve found ensure success, including:

Agencies retain the same name, the same staff, yet with the backing of Briggs Home Care to invest in better training and benefits for caregivers, leading to a better experience for those in need of care. But don’t take our word for it; discover what some of our existing agency Executive Directors have to say:

"When Briggs acquired Live Free Home Health Care, we were struggling to retain as well as recruit staff. This was our biggest challenge, as our phones were very busy with calls from prospective clients and referral sources. We were turning families away. Briggs supported us in raising our starting wage and increasing caregiver wages across the board, as well as investing in health insurance and a 401K – benefits we were not able to offer before. I had also felt tied to the office with operational tasks. Now, with the burden of these tasks relieved, I have time to stop in and visit with clients as well as community partners. We also have so much support and assistance, with everything from, “Help! We need to find affordable laptops!” to “What is EBITDA again?” Briggs has provided kind, warm, responsive support. It’s nice to be met with the same compassion and caring that we put into everything we do!"
"We appreciate being able to offer our caregivers a higher level of training, a matching 401-K, and the opportunity to purchase health insurance. The corporate backing related to accounts receivable, marketing guidance, and increased amounts for bonding, etc. also allow my agency to have a more solid foundation. This is a rapidly changing business, and we’ve experienced both ups and downs. We’re currently coming out of a low period and appreciate the support we are receiving from Briggs. It takes you off the ‘island’ of navigating healthcare alone, and provides the backing and reassurance of a longstanding industry expert. If you’re considering partnering with Briggs, I’d say to go for it! We have a great, interactive team of directors to encourage you and a strong corporate base on whom we can lean. The combination of expertise makes Briggs Home Care a leader in the field of private duty."
"I consider our agency the expert in the industry, and with the support of Briggs, we are able to take patient care to a new level by anticipating needs in the industry to make home care better. They have a great family approach. Goals are clear and easy to understand. We have direct support from the whole team, and give us the tools to be successful. It’s a model that works!"
"Thanks to Briggs, we’re now able to offer healthcare benefits and a matching 401K program to our employees, enabling us to attract and retain the best caregivers around! They have also provided us with ClearCare, which has been a wonderful tool for our agency – both for caregivers and staff, as well as our clients. Briggs is an industry leader, and their leadership team truly demonstrates a desire to support and grow each agency that is part of the Briggs Healthcare family."
"It’s great to have a parent company and sister agencies to call with questions or to get ideas, and I appreciate the support I receive, which lets me know I’m not isolated. Everyone at Briggs has been so responsive whenever I call or email them. It’s also incredibly helpful to have an accounting department and legal help available if needed. I envision us continuing to grow, helping more clients, hiring more caregivers, and creating more business, building upon the good reputation we already have in our community in the years to come."

To learn more, call us toll-free at 833-960-CARE (2273) or contact us today.

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